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"When everything comes together musically, it is a feeling that words can't adequately describe." - HATTRICK

For the past 7 years, HATTRICK has been in search of the perfect sound in his productions creating tracks in a multitude of genres.

Growing up in the 80s HATTRICK was influenced by bands such as Depeche Mode, New Order and OMD among others. 

Music is his lifeblood and his release for any pent-up emotions.

HATTRICK made his debut on international radio as a resident on Barcelona radio station, GUM FM, with Jordi Casas playing 2 shows a week featuring the best of EDM, Progressive and Trance.

As a founding member of the Truth in Dance Radio Show
, he continues to be a regular guest on both South African and international radio shows including The Friday Night Party with DJ Tazz on Jou Radio, Tempo Radio Mexico, Deep City Sessions, UCAP Argentina and more.


HATTRICK is currently working on refining his melodic house and techno sound as well as having a few other projects up his sleeves that he has yet to fully reveal.

Mixing & Mastering

Professional mixing and mastering services from £30.


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